Vickers Landscape only uses the best techniques and products when implementing a Landscape Design. We can create unique and beautiful environments that reflect your personal style. Our Landscape Design process accommodates your soil type, property layout and most importantly; your budget. Give us a call to schedule a consultation, or to ask questions about what works best for you.
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Landscape Design and Architectural Services

Complete landscaping design from start to finish. Vickers Landscape provides full sets of construction documents compliant for submission to HOAs, Cities, Townships and Municipalities. Throughout our design process, we work closely with Architects and Engineers to produce quality results.

Commercial and Residential Professional Design

Vickers Landscape is a premium professional Landscape service that contracts with major corporate entities to enhance their business image to clients and employees by projecting quality Landscape aesthetics. We also contract to residential areas and homes as well, to upgrade your home and life with pleasing vista additions and redesigns.

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